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The Dirty Business of Auditing

Presenter: Brian Kelley
Date: Thurs, June 22nd, 2017 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

Auditing is often a dirty word among DBAs because it equates to more work with little perceived business value. However, auditing is a necessary evil for most businesses and it usually falls to the DBA to ensure SQL Server is properly audited. In this session we'll look at what the operating system and SQL Server provide for us in order to meet the requirements of internal and external auditors, regulatory legislation, and even overbearing system owners who want to know everything about what's going on in their application. We'll consider what tools to use to quickly implement the properly level of auditing to meet the need.

Level 200

Speaker bio:
Brian Kelley is an author, columnist, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), and former Microsoft SQL Server MVP (2009-2016) focusing primarily on SQL Server and Windows security. Brian currently serves as an infrastructure and security architect concentrating on Active Directory, SQL Server, and Windows Server. He has served in a myriad of other positions including senior database administrator, data warehouse architect, web developer, incident response team lead, and project manager. Brian has spoken at 24 Hours of PASS, SQLConnections, the TechnoSecurity and Forensics Investigation Conference, the IT GRC Forum, and at various SQL Saturdays, Code Camps, and user groups.

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